- These photoluminescent and phosphorescent after being exposed to light will absorb that light energy and then slowly release it over time. These glow in the dark powders will glow for hours in total darkness and offer a variety of practical, and fun uses.

- These pigments are loaded by exposure to a light source (sunlight, electric light or UV light), and slowly return the energy while lighting in the dark; no charging limit.

- The pigment shines for a variable time following a fast and decreasing luminance curve, which subsequently it becomes stable for many hours. The luminescent effect can last until 12 hours.

- This fantastic material works perfectly even with UV lights , once mixed you can color whatever you want so it is not absolutely toxic or harmful.

Our long-lasting photoluminescent pigments are waterproof and ideal for use with varnishes of all types, based on water, acrylics, solvents, etc. These are the unique powders that can be mixed in water-based preparation without making any reaction because are coated with a special treatment.

- Pigments are easy to store for long periods of time.

- We recommend to use 25-30% of pigment in relation to the used binder; it can be mixed with different substances provided that they are materials that let the light and the UV rays pass.

For better results, it is advisable to apply it on lightweight surfaces and in the last layer of paint (without covering it with additional paint).


Phosphorescent luminescent paint that lights up in the dark, making small details visible.

Use the fishing fluo on a white base or apply a coat of "white primer" on the object concerned, to make the final result better, apply two fluo fishing passes of the preferred color and finally apply a "final coverage" coat for protect the color.